Story about my nephew’s and myself.


 Before I start, I would like to say that I have videos of my 3 nephew’s recorded statements, made in lawyers office, stating these horrible crimes never happened to them by me nor anyone!

I was 2 years old when my biological mother, Wanda Sue Coy (Hittle), gave me up to her friend, Mary Audrey Hellwege.  I considered Mary my only mother I knew, since she was the one that raised me. Mary had a son named Clinton F Britton and I considered him as my step-brother.  Clinton was in the military when Mary began to raise me and he went on to have his own family of 3 boys and 1 girl, Charles Britton, Stacy Britton, Jason Britton and Clinton Britton. I knew these kids as my nieces and nephew’s. Unfortunately, my mother, Mary A Hellwege, died on June 6th 1985, at the age of 58. I was 15 at the time. After she passed away, I had to go and live with my step brother, Clinton, because I had no where else to go and he was willing to take me in. I lived with Clinton and his family for about 7 months and then I dropped out of school and moved out of his house when I turned 16, because I felt I had to get a job and support myself. I had 2 jobs at the time, Jack- in-the-box and Medich’s restaurant. I then went on to get a job at Fresh Fish Inc., when I was 18, and that is where I was picked up by St. Louis County police department. They took me to St. Louis City Police Department, which is the city that they say the “alleged” crimes happened.  When I was questioned by detectives Gary Guinn and Detective Koviack of the sex crimes unit, they said that it was brought to their attention, by a DFS worker, that I had molested 3 of my nephews, that I had lived with the previous year (my step-brothers boys). He went on to tell me that the “alleged” crime took place in 1982, 1983 and 1986, which would have made me 12-13 years old in 1982 and 16-17 years old in 1986. Later on in the case they changed the date of the crime  to 1987, so I would be charged as an adult . This is all in the documentation.

When Detective Guinn tried to get me to confess to sodomy, he said, “well son it happens to a lot of us and it happened to me, so just tell me that you did it and we can make this easy”. I told him I would “NEVER” do anything like this to anyone and told him that he had the wrong person, and that my nephews would never lie and say such things. I had not seen my nephews since 1985, the year my mom died and I lived with them, so I know that’s not true. The detective goes on to tell me to just sign this piece of paper, so we can get you out of here.  I could not read his writing, so when I asked him what it was that he wanted me to sign, he said that it was just a statement of what we had just talked about. I signed the document and started to get up and walk out when he told me to stop. When I asked why, he told me that I was under arrest. I asked what for? He told me that I was under arrest for 3 counts of sodomy. According to the police paper work, I was not even living with my stepbrother when this supposedly took place. I almost fainted! I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I went to jail for 2 weeks until I was bonded out. This dragged on in the courts for about 2 years. The public defender kept trying to get me to take a plea bargain. She told me to take the 3 years probation that they we offering and move on with my life, because if I wanted to go to trial I could get 30 years in jail if the jury did not believe me. I had no one there to guide me and no money for a real attorney.
They just broke me down. I agreed to the 3 years probation out of fear that I would spend the next 30 years in jail for something that I did not do. There was never any talk of me having to register on a web site for the rest of my life, until after the fact. That’s when my life took a wild turn… hard to get a job and hard to get apartment, because they always ask if you ever been charged and committed a crime. It’s been 32 years now and I have never been in any kind of trouble.

I had not seen my nephew’s again until 1996 or 1997, when I ran into my nephew, Charles Britton. Charles told me about him and his 2 brothers being removed from their house when they were younger (after I had moved out), because they were getting into trouble and missing a lot of school. They were each put into different foster homes and had a DFS agent assigned to them, named Don Manhal. The boys were scared and just wanted to go back home to their parents. My nephew, Charles, goes on to tell me that Don Manhal was trying to get all 3 boys to say their dad had molested them and that was why they were acting up and missing school. They told Don Manhal that no one ever molested them. Don Manhal told them that if they would just give him somebody’s name, that he could get them back home to their parents. After questioning the boys about their home lives, they finally told Don Manhal that they had an uncle that had lived with them for a little while, a couple years back, but nothing ever happened. Donald Manhal told the boys that something had to have happened to them because of the way they were acting and that they were just suppressing it. He would go and pick up each boy individually and drive them around asking them questions about themselves, including masturbation. He was grooming the boys! For over a year, the boys kept telling Donald Manhal that no one ever molested them, but he refused to listen to them. Charles said that Don Manhal finally just told them what to say in court and promised the boys money and cookies and a chance to go back home to their parents, once they testified to a grand jury.
Don Manhal was finally asked to resign from the DFS agency because of various incidents with young boys. One of Don Manhals co-workers had also reported that Don Manhal had asked him to come to his house and help him with his personal computer. When his co-worker arrived and started working on his pc, he reported that he had witnessed kiddie porn on Don Manhal’s pc.
Don Manhal was later charged with molestation of his grandson and he was to serve 10 years in prison, but he died in prison before completing his sentence. I have all of the documentation showing Don Manhal was sent to prison for child molestation. Did he ruin my life because he liked to hear little boys talk about stuff that they shouldn’t be talking about? Did DFS know that they had a child molester working for them and chose to hide it, by having him resign?

After Don Manhal left DFS, he went on to work at a Fire Department, where there was an incident with a young boy and he was asked to leave. He also worked at the Jewish Advocacy Center and was also let go there because of another incident involving a child.

I’ve been fighting for my life for the last 32 years. Every attorney that I ever went to, told me I would have a hard time fighting this, since I did not go to jail. If I had gone to jail, I could have possibly got out on habeas corpus. The attorneys said that they would take my $15,000.00 and take a shot in the dark. Well, I didn’t have that kind of money until I met my wonderful wife Sandy, and we started our own business and put money away just for this. We got an attorney to start working on it. He got the next best thing… video statements from all 3 of my nephews in 2007, telling the true facts of how none of this ever happened and Don Manhal told them what to say. Yes, I have 3 videos of their statements, under oath, telling everyone that will listen that their uncle, Curtis Scott Hansen, didn’t molest them or anybody else, for that matter. I filed for a pardon in 2011. I have overwhelming evidence that this never happened, in the past or present. I have had a clean record for 32 years. I hope I’m not missing anything, but please call or write to Governor Parsons to have him give me back what’s left of my life. Thank you for reading my story. Below are some of the documents. Look at them and tell anybody that you can to help me in this matter.

Thank you for your support

Below is a picture of Don Manhal, the DFS agent that coerced my nephews into saying I committed the unthinkable.

Don Manhal died in prison, serving a 10 year sentence for Child Molestation.

CLICK ON PIC’S BELOW TO ENLARGE!       Christine Castelli is the states investigator for pardons. Her number is at bottom of page.            

Donald manhal

My DocsDonald Manhal Charges 1My DocDonald Manhal Charges 2My doc
Donald Manhal charges 3
Don Manhal Doc
Donald Manhal Charges 4Don Manhal Doc
Donald Manhal Charges 5Don Manhal DocDonald Manhal Charges 6Dons Manhal DocDonald Manhal Charges 7Don Manhal DocDonald Manhal Charges 8Don Manhal DocDonald Manhal Charges 9Don Manhal DocDonald Manhal Nephew 1Don Manhal DocDonald Manhal Nephew 2Don Manhal DocDonald Manhal Nephew 3My DocsCurtis Scott Hansen ChargesMy DocsPardon Request to State 1My DocsPardon Request 2My DocsState investigator for pardonMy Pardon DocPardon Request 3

  1. Tammy Schiele says:

    My name is Tammy Schiele and Scott is my brother. I never remembered living with him because he is my big brother but I’ve never really “known” him. After reading this there are a few things I need to say here and in person when I hope God presents the opportunity. I am so sorry you have had to endure this horrific nightmare without the support of your biological mother and 3 sisters! Lisa, Toni and I, while we certainly had it rough growing up, we weren’t given away and for that I will never know the pain and suffering you have had to bear. When you know better, you do better and beginning today…I WILL DO BETTER! I will do whatever is in my power to exonerate you Scotty (yup still Scotty to me).

    I know that I never had one moment’s pause having you around my son, Justin, from the time he was born, when we did see each other. I look into your kind eyes and I KNOW AND BELIEVE you aren’t capable of such a horrific list of crimes! SHAME SHAME SHAME on the DFS PERVERT who obviously was trying to deflect his monstrosity towards other innocent young men!! There is a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL and Donald Mahal was given a front row office! May he burn eternally in HELL!!!

    I wasn’t there for you like I should have been once we were all grown up…mainly because I just didn’t feel that connection until later on in life but at the end of the day FAMILY IS FAMILY and you can count of me to do whatever, however and by any means necessary to have this nasty label removed from your good name!

    It took so much courage, strength and grace to put out there all that you have had to endure and that in it of itself should show what kind of person, man, brother, husband and father, grandfather and friend you truly are.

    I love you Scotty!

    Your baby sissy,

    Tammy Lynn

    • Tammy Schiele says:

      I will NEVER leave you again! ❤ Sissy

      • cshansen says:

        Thank you so much for your support, that’s all i ever really needed was family support and love,to help me though this.Well this is going to be a a journey of a life time. I love you very much. I have always loved my sisters even though i never spent a alot of time with you guy’s “I LOVE YOU” with all my heart. thank you for everything you are doing,and going to do. Love your “BIG” brother Scotty! lol

  2. My name is Stacy Britton I am the oldest of the Britton Kids & I know I missed way more school than my brothers did during this time & Don Manhal not once mentioned removing me from the home,but i guess me being a girl I didnt turn him on.I feel Jefferson County Division of Family Services had a big part in ruining my families lives.Charles & I spent the most time with our Uncle Scotty because he was with our Grandmother & we were here first two Grandchildren so we was always with Uncle Scotty & our mee maw.When Uncle Scotty moved in with us we were excited,sad for losing our mee maw,but happy he was with us,but Don Manhal & Jeff Co DFS took all that away from us they took my fathers ONLY BROTHER from him.We didnt want to believe it,but couldnt talk to my brothers so we had to take Don Manhals & his supervisors word & we cut our ties with Uncle Scotty.My father never liked Don Manhal he kicked him out of our home almost everytime he came to our house he wouldnt go to sessions that Don was involved in & if i remember right my father called Don Manhal a pervert on a few occasions.And sometime i felt my father might have felt he failed his boys.i mean there was so many mixed emotions,how do you believe this old pervert looking guy when he says your step brother molested your sons & they wont let you have contact with your kids to find out the truth.We were all so confused because the Uncle we all knew & loved would never do that he loved us.but we didnt have the money to fight Jefferson County DFS,so my parents just had to do what they said & still never got anywhere with getting them home until they were in their late teens.Our family was very happy when they came home & we all talked about it & found out that Don Manhal was a liar who made them say these things.Not long after my brother charles came home he & i moved in with our Uncle Scotty he took very good care of us..I believe my father passed away before we found out the news that Don Manhal molested his own grandson & went to prison,not to mention the other 2 or 3 jobs he lost for inapropriate behavior with young boys….Just remember I LOVE YOU UNCLE SCOTTY & WILL BE HERE FOR YOU ALWAYS….IF YOU NEED TO GET MY SCHOOL RECORDS TO PROVE DON DIDNT REMOVE ME FOR MISSING MORE SCHOOL THAN THE BOYS LET ME KNOW…..LOVE ALWAYS & FOREVER YOUR FAVORITE NIECE,STACY

  3. Rox Bell says:

    Can the state be liable for anything financially to you since they knew he was a child molester and did not have his cases reviewed after he was convicted? Also, there needs to be more people he did this too. Maybe the state will listen with more victims? I am shocked the state hasn’t cleared your name just to keep this quiet.

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