Please click on the links at top of page to view the story and video’s, including Fox2 Chris Hayes Investigative report!  Click on ” Story about my nephew’s and myself “, then “Charles Brittons Video , then “Jason Brittons Video ” and then “Clinton Brittons Video “.   THE EVIDENCE IS OVERWHELMING!!   



This is a story about a 17 year old kid that lost his whole world by a corrupt Division of Family Service worker, Donald Manhal, that was a sex offender and died in prison.

Mr.Hansen is not a criminal, nor has he ever been a criminal!  He has 32 years of no crimes. The only crime is the one committed against him.  Please help Mr.Hansen free himself from these horrible crimes that have been brought on him by Donald Manhal, Detective Gary Quinn, and Detective Koviack at the st.louis city sex crimes unit police department and others from state level.

  1. Tina campos says:

    I have a 22 year old daughter with Scott he has always been a wonderful father to her she loves him and admires him so much not only do I know he was wrongly accused I have two other daughters that also love him.he has spent his whole adult life trying to get this off his record,if someone was guilty they would have giving up a long time ago.we love u

    • Thank you for always believing in me and being there. You are like family to me!

      • joe terranova says:

        i have known curtis for over 20+yrs my family has grown up around him an they all love him like an uncle, in the bottom of my heart i truley believe he did not do what he was accused of an pray that he gets pardon

      • Thank you Joey for you and your family’s support. You have always been a true friend,and like family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know i have been fighting this for 22 years now, I’am finally getting closer. We have sent out mass text telling people to view this site, so lets see where it goes. Thank you again.

  2. Anthony willis says:

    My father is a amazing man I’ve admired him for a very long time I inspirer to be more like him are really close I love my father very much I know in my heart that he didn’t commit this crime he was so wrongly convicted of. I truly believe that justice will prevale and the state will do the right thing I have faith in the system.. I love you dad

    • Anthony – First of all, let me say how much I love you and thank you for standing up for me! It means more to me than you’ll ever know. I’ve always wanted nothing but the best, for my children!

  3. Michele says:

    My cousin Scotty ( and yes will always be Scotty to me so deal with it) says he did not do it. I have to believe that he did not do it.
    The reason’s are all 3 kids are saying the same thing, If he was guilty there would be a pattern over the years since there is no pattern. And his mother taught him the difference of right and wrong. And I grew up with him. And his mother is my godmother.
    No matter what I love you Scotty and very proud of you.
    And today is new day and I hope and pray that everyone can see that Scotty is not a bad guy, I hope that justice will prevail and the state will do the right thing.
    I love you Scotty.
    ( fingers cross)

  4. Deb & Paul Stojeba says:

    My husband, son and my parents have known Scott for well over 5 years. A few years back he shared with us his story and the videos. We are so happy that he has been able to now share the overwhelming evidence of his innocence with so many people. We wish him the very best as he pursues his pardon. He is a very caring person with a HUGE heart…the type of person that you know you could count on when you need it.

  5. Chris Fairley says:

    Not for a second do I believe Scott would be involved in this. He is a kind, caring person with a heart of gold. It’s a shame that your life can be tarnished by the acts of one unscrupulous individual. Anyone who knows Scott can vouch for his character. His life’s actions speak far louder than these ridiculous accusations. A pardon for Scott is long overdue!

  6. Trevor Buness says:

    I have known you for about 5 years know. I do know this… You would do anything for a friend. The evidence supports your innocence and I feel that in the end the law will be on your side. I feel bad that you have had to deal with such a terrible act of injustice for so long, but in the end the good will prevail…I am on your side my friend.

    • Trevor, thank you for support and taking the time to view what i have been dealing with for 23 years. Its has been a long time coming. I just want the world to see what i have gone through and maybe someone out there will do the right thing. Thank you for your friendship.

  7. Tina campos/ Kayla zarkie says:

    I am speaking on behalf of my daughter Kayla Zarkie who does not have Internet right now. Kayla has loved her dad and respected him more than any one in the world she would stay up late to make me cards and pictures for him he has always bought her beautiful clothes when I couldn’t afford things for her.I am now married to a detective who has known Scott for 18 years we all know he is innocent and would do anything to clear his name.

    • I love you guys you have always been there for me. Even when times were really hard. I talked to kayla yesterday she said is going to post when she gets a chance and said she was sorry.. Thanks

  8. James C Lee says:

    I have known Scott for several years. He is married to my daughter Sandy. I have always known him to be a straight up guy in all respects. He is a good family man and he works hard to provide for them.

    I feel that anyone who looks at the evidence in this matter can only come to one conclusion. He simply didn’t commit the acts of which he was charged.

    I will do everything in my power to see him completely exonerated

  9. Brian says:

    I have known Scott for several years and have always known him as a straight forward guy. Very hard working, never drinks alcohol and never smokes. Scott is very trusting and there is no way he did any of what he is accused of. I have always known him to be a loving father and husband to his family.

  10. Maria knight says:

    I spent a lot of time with Scott as a teen. Must have been around 1986/87, give or take a year or two. He told me he was going through some pretty serious stuff with the courts. He didn’t really want to talk about it and I didn’t pressure him…I’m shocked to know now what he was dealing with. It’s incomprehensible, impossible that the guy I knew did this. He wouldn’t hurt a soul! He was a fun loving kid who would have done anything for his friends or anyone in need. I feel this is an terrible injustice and should be corrected as soon as possible!

    • Marie, Thank you for looking at this. Back at that time it was hard to explain to people what i was going through. But 23 years later and alot of money,tears,and will to survive got me to this point. Well thank you for your support.

  11. Todd Blumoff says:

    Scott has been a friend of mine for the last seven years, personally and professionally. He has always been a standup guy a man of his word and a loving father and friend. Scott has old fashion belief and what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong they is no grey area. I hope that the injustice that has been placed upon him can be reversed! It MUST be reversed no one should ever have to lived bring falsely accused but more so for something like this. This is a great man he deserves to be released from the scarlet mark.

  12. Fran Shreve says:

    I’ve known Scott for the last 20 years and he has alway been like a big brother to me. I know he would never do this and the evidence overwhelmingly shows that. My heart is broken to know that Scott has lived with this nightmare for all of these years. The DFS has ruined not only Scott’s life but the life of his 3 nephews who missed growing up with their own family because of a monster DFS worker. Not only should Scott be exonerated but he and his family are due much more from the DFS because of what that worker did to their family. Praying foy you Scott!

    • Franny, What words can i say? But thank you for a wonderful comment and your support. Im very blessed to have people like you to see what i have endured and support me. Thank you franny your family has always been good to me.

  13. Bruce Link says:

    I have known this man since he was a young boy. I knew him at the time he was accused of this incident. I believe he was a happy go lucky young man at this time. I will never believe that he molested or had any intentions of molesting a child. I believe that anything he was accused of was taken out of context. I believe that he was falsely accused and I believe that he should be pardoned!

    • Bruce, I would like to start by saying thank you for all you have taught me .You are the reason i do what i do today. Also when i had no home you let me stay at one of your house’s. That my friend along with the other things you taught me will never be forgotten. You have no ideal how much influence you had on my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Scotty)

  14. my name is stacy britton & im the oldest britton & i know for a fact my brothers were bribed to say that about my uncle.when my brothers finally got away from don manhal they got to come home & i talked to my brothers about if this was tru & EVERYONE OF THEM SAID NO!!!they all said our dad wouldnt of let that happened & uncle scotty wouldnt do that to us..a few weeks after my brother coming home we both moved in with our uncle scotty..i love you uncle scotty & will always be here for you..

    • Stacy, Well thank you from the bottom of my heart. It just hurts to know that Donald Manhal has torn are lifes apart and got by with it. Theres not a day that goes by that i dont think about you guys. Well i hate what he dont to us. it changed my life forever and not in a good way..I love you talk to you soon… UNCLE SCOTTY!!!

  15. Stephanie and Craig says:

    I and my husband Craig have known Scott for years and have had a working relationship with him as well. From day one he was a bright , nice , welcoming caring and compassionate friend and coworker….something I always remember years ago as well as today is moral values just in everyday life and treating people as you want to be treated attitude! that always stood out and stuck in my head….we have also had business dealings with him and again his moral attitude and help and willingness to do it all right is evident ……and is done…that’s just Scott, I would say a pretty stellar business.
    His story is one of a grave injustice and its just wrong on so many levels, I pray he is pardoned….all the facts are there , plain to see….PLEASE PARDON SCOTT , give this man his life back….he is still a bright soul ,funny intelligent, interested, willing to help and be kind, again its just Scott…because that’s just who he is!

    • Thank you, Those where very kind and supporting words. I could only wish that the world could see and understand this is who i am and have been. Thank you again Steph and Craig, for keeping me in your prayers and standing behind me.

  16. Stephanie and Craig says:

    yes , lets not forget all the other lives…his nephews and this family…how many years of pure hell hanging over you! Pure toture.

  17. Jo Ann Hansen says:

    It’s amazing that someone would be so willing to ruin a young mans life. I can’t imagine what he got out of it. I have always believed in you but this is an excellent presentation of your case. I’ve known Scott for about 15 years he has always been a warm loving man. I never believed he could have done this and that was before I saw the videos

  18. Tammy Schiele says:
    June 21, 2013 at 12:05 am (Edit)
    My name is Tammy Schiele and Scott is my brother. I never remembered living with him because he is my big brother but I’ve never really “known” him. After reading this there are a few things I need to say here and in person when I hope God presents the opportunity. I am so sorry you have had to endure this horrific nightmare without the support of your biological mother and 3 sisters! Lisa, Toni and I, while we certainly had it rough growing up, we weren’t given away and for that I will never know the pain and suffering you have had to bear. When you know better, you do better and beginning today…I WILL DO BETTER! I will do whatever is in my power to exonerate you Scotty (yup still Scotty to me).

    I know that I never had one moment’s pause having you around my son, Justin, from the time he was born, when we did see each other. I look into your kind eyes and I KNOW AND BELIEVE you aren’t capable of such a horrific list of crimes! SHAME SHAME SHAME on the DFS PERVERT who obviously was trying to deflect his monstrosity towards other innocent young men!! There is a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL and Donald Mahal was given a front row office! May he burn eternally in HELL!!!

    I wasn’t there for you like I should have been once we were all grown up…mainly because I just didn’t feel that connection until later on in life but at the end of the day FAMILY IS FAMILY and you can count of me to do whatever, however and by any means necessary to have this nasty label removed from your good name!

    It took so much courage, strength and grace to put out there all that you have had to endure and that in it of itself should show what kind of person, man, brother, husband and father, grandfather and friend you truly are.

    I love you Scotty!

    Your baby sissy,

    Tammy Lynn

    Tammy Schiele says:
    June 21, 2013 at 2:41 am (Edit)
    I will NEVER leave you again! ❤ Sissy

  19. stacey brittion says:

    Stacy Britton says:
    July 20, 2013 at 11:20 pm (Edit)
    My name is Stacy Britton I am the oldest of the Britton Kids & I know I missed way more school than my brothers did during this time & Don Manhal not once mentioned removing me from the home,but i guess me being a girl I didnt turn him on.I feel Jefferson County Division of Family Services had a big part in ruining my families lives.Charles & I spent the most time with our Uncle Scotty because he was with our Grandmother & we were here first two Grandchildren so we was always with Uncle Scotty & our mee maw.When Uncle Scotty moved in with us we were excited,sad for losing our mee maw,but happy he was with us,but Don Manhal & Jeff Co DFS took all that away from us they took my fathers ONLY BROTHER from him.We didnt want to believe it,but couldnt talk to my brothers so we had to take Don Manhals & his supervisors word & we cut our ties with Uncle Scotty.My father never liked Don Manhal he kicked him out of our home almost everytime he came to our house he wouldnt go to sessions that Don was involved in & if i remember right my father called Don Manhal a pervert on a few occasions.And sometime i felt my father might have felt he failed his boys.i mean there was so many mixed emotions,how do you believe this old pervert looking guy when he says your step brother molested your sons & they wont let you have contact with your kids to find out the truth.We were all so confused because the Uncle we all knew & loved would never do that he loved us.but we didnt have the money to fight Jefferson County DFS,so my parents just had to do what they said & still never got anywhere with getting them home until they were in their late teens.Our family was very happy when they came home & we all talked about it & found out that Don Manhal was a liar who made them say these things.Not long after my brother charles came home he & i moved in with our Uncle Scotty he took very good care of us..I believe my father passed away before we found out the news that Don Manhal molested his own grandson & went to prison,not to mention the other 2 or 3 jobs he lost for inapropriate behavior with young boys….Just remember I LOVE YOU UNCLE SCOTTY & WILL BE HERE FOR YOU ALWAYS….IF YOU NEED TO GET MY SCHOOL RECORDS TO PROVE DON DIDNT REMOVE ME FOR MISSING MORE SCHOOL THAN THE BOYS LET ME KNOW…..LOVE ALWAYS & FOREVER YOUR FAVORITE NIECE,STACY

  20. Sue Hittle says:

    Hello I am scott Hansen bio mom, he was raise by a good woman, I know in my heart there was no way my son did that to any child. I am pleading you to pardon my son and give him back his life, state of Missouri messed his life up. it’s time to clear his name that is the least you can do PARDON my son

  21. Tina Campos says:

    My name is Tina Campos I have a 27 year old daughter with curtis scott Hansen. He has been a amazing father to this young lady. I was around curtis while this was going it greatly effected the time he spent with his daughter as a baby. He needs to be vindicated as soon as possible.

  22. Kayla says:

    This is my father he is a amazing man and always has done whatever he could for me .HE is not only a great father he is a great person. He definitely didn’t deserve any of the negative and hateful stuff that has happened to him.

  23. Lex Stephen coy says:

    I think is wrong that the gov don’t pardon Scott because of the overwhelming evidence that they have!! This man been threw heck and back also his family!! I hope the gov hears our voice and exonerate him of all charges!!

  24. Justden says:

    Please contact me about Don Manhal

  25. Kimmi Bouse says:

    I do not know you at all, I am going to start a petition on on your behalf if that is ok with you. email me if it is ok.

    Thank you that would me nice of you.

  26. Tony Daniele says:

    Me Hanson, no one know what it’s like being falsely accused, unless you were there. Made me sick watching your broadcast. You did a great job. Like you I was falsely accused years ago. Actually had a man stand up in open court under oath and vindicated me. It is tough doing this alone. Maybe together we can fight this. There are many of us out there in the same boat.

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